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The New Three-Row ID. Buzz is the 20-Years-Later Reinvention of the Microbus Volkswagen

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Written by Marco Carvajal

Volkswagen Three Row ID. Buzz

Twenty Years Later Volkswagen Reinvents the Microbus, creating the New Three-Row ID. Buzz.  Volkswagen Revealed the New Three-Row ID. Buzz last weekend in Huntington Beach, California. The debut was strategically synchronized with the inauguration of the first-year International Bus Day, celebrated on June 2nd. Zero-tailpipe emission ID. Buzz transfers the DNA of one of the greatest automotive icons ever, the VW Microbus, to the era of electric mobility.

Forget the vintage design of the Microbus, the new ID. Buzz enhanced the essence of the original T2 creating a car that is a work of art.

The design of the ID. Buzz is spectacular, practical, and premium. Volkswagen added a lot of features and standard options to the new Three-Row ID. Buzz, delivers a product that everyone can love. Besides the great efficiency of this new all-electric car, the design, the colors, all the interior features, and the gorgeous exterior of the ID. Buzz points to a very successful life for this new three-row ID. Buzz.

“The zero-direct emission ID. Buzz is the spiritual reincarnation of the Microbus, reimagined for our electric future,” said Pablo Di Si, President and CEO of Volkswagen of America, Inc. “It is practical, sustainable, and packaged in an unmistakably fun way that is classic Volkswagen. With its launch, the Bus will once again become our brand hero in America.”

3-Row ID. Buzz World Premier at the International Bus Day on June 2

On June 2, Volkswagen of America welcomed press, media, and fans for the first-ever International Volkswagen Bus Day, in Huntington Beach, California.

The new VW ID. Three-row Buzz debuted this past Friday, June 2, 2023, together with older Microbus models on Volkswagen International Bus Day. This was the World Premier for the new ID Buzz that soon will be available in North America.

The inaugural celebration set the stage for the world’s premiere of the all-electric three-row ID. Buzz.

The event included several Volkswagen cars and Microbus models from Volkswagen’s historic collection. and more than 200 privately owned VW buses of all ages and genders applied to be a part of this event in California.

The event included Radio Woodstock which provided live broadcast content and entertainment with a special musical performance by Jeremy & The Harlequins.

International Volkswagen Bus Day will continue to be celebrated every June 2 by VW bus and ID. Buzz fans

International Bus Day

Volkswagen has also unveiled its latest accessory vehicle concept, providing a first look at the personalization potential of the ID. Electric Buzz. The concept vehicle with the surf and camping-themed accessories gave an early look at the new ID. Buzz The customization capabilities of the Buzz EV; the combination of VW branding and third-party accessories bring the classic charm of the Type 2 to the age of modern electric mobility.


T2 Volkswagen Microbus has been Reborn as the Three Row ID. Buzz

The VW Microbus was created during the 50s a time when Minivans were not popular, the Microbus became its own segment. But just like fashion changes, car models change and the microbus went away…becoming a classic rare car that especially beach lovers and surfers kept remodeling and refurbishing.

The Volkswagen Microbus T2 was the second original brand model after the classic T1 beetle beloved by people around the world. Both the Volkswagen T1 and the T2 had very original curvy cute shapes that make them special in the history of cars.

The Microbus T2 had different names around the world, like Transporter, Kombi or  Bus (US), Camper (UK), or Bulli (Germany). But no matter what you called it, the Volkswagen Microbus was a very unique, cool, and original car that rock and roll bands, groups of friends, and families love!

Today twenty years later….the story repeats, fashion comes back, and the T2 Microbus, now will be known as the ID. Buzz coming back with a very fancy reborn, more luxurious, and with more features than ever, and it is all-electric!

Volkswagen ID. Buzz

One Hundred Percent Made in Germany

The new ID. Buzz is one hundred percent made in Germany, at least for its initial production. I assume that as the new ID Buzz becomes more popular in the US and Latin America, then Volkswagen will start to produce it in its current manufacturing plants in the US or Mexico.

German quality and production are well known internationally for some of the best cars in the world, however in order to reduce costs and to make the new ID Buzz more accessible to car buyers it will be better to move future production to the US or Latin America.

Two-Row ID. Buzz European Version Released Last Year

As a first step to reinventing the Volkswagen Microbus, the two-row ID. Buzz was released last year during 2022 in Europe.

The new American version ID. Buzz is bigger and more powerful with three-rows, a longer wheelbase than the two-row European vehicle, plus a bigger battery and more horsepower.

With the addition of the three-row model, Europeans will have access to the two and three rows versions.

For the US markets only the Three-Row ID. Buzz will be available.

Volkswagen ID. Buzz

Highlights of the New All-electric Three-Row ID. Buzz

  • Zero-tailpipe emission ready for the era of electric mobility
  • Three-row ID. Buzz is tailored for North America:
  • A longer wheelbase provides more space for people and cargo than the two-row European vehicle
  • North American versions have a 91 kWh battery
  • 282 horsepower for the RWD version
  • Available AWD optional
  • Retro design cues meet modern enhancements, including a tailored interior
  • Cutting-edge EV technology
  • Advanced driver assistance features

Just as with the original VW Bus, the new three-row ID. Buzz has a rear-mounted powerplant as standard, providing great traction, performance, and agility.

The rear motor produces 282 horsepower, in comparison to the two-row European-spec model, which debuted with 201 hp.

The battery is also larger at 91 kWh (gross), compared with the two-row model’s 82 kWh battery. The efficient skateboard design—with the battery mounted on the floor— not only saves space but also contributes to better handling by locating a large percentage of the vehicle’s weight low down in the structure.

All-wheel drive is available for the three-row ID. Buzz at launch, with about 330 hp and dual motors. Like all current modular electric drive (MEB) vehicles, the Buzz uses a multi-link rear suspension and struts at the front.

The new APP 550 rear-mounted motor is a PMS (permanent magnet synchronous) design with a maximum torque of 406 pound-feet, packaged with the one-speed transmission and a new inverter (power and control electronics). The increase in power, torque, and efficiency is achieved by a rotor with stronger permanent magnets that have a high thermal load capacity, a newly developed stator with a larger effective number of turns and maximum wire cross-section, a water cooling jacket for the outside of the stator, and a combined oil and water cooling system that also ensures higher thermal stability. The new electric motor of the ID. Buzz increases the top speed to an electronically limited 99 mph, up from the two-row’s 90 mph.

Volkswagen ID. Buzz


The ID. Buzz retains its traditionally boxy shape with short overhangs, giving it maximum utility on a minimal footprint.

Retro cues throughout are a throwback to the original Bus while reinterpreting the design for the future. The iconic oversized VW logo is illuminated, with a light line that extends to either side, connecting to the LED headlights. Bold exterior colors, with an available two-tone color palette, include many found on the two-row ID. Buzz.

Energetic Orange, Pomelo Yellow, and Mahi Green, for example. Others, such as Cabana Blue, Metro Silver, and Indium Grey, are all-new.

The new 3-row ID. Buzz is 192.4 inches in length, around 10 inches longer than the European two-row Buzz; all that additional length comes from a 127.5-inch wheelbase, versus 117.6 inches for the two-row. It is 77.9 inches wide and 74.6 inches tall, making it roughly as wide as an Atlas, but five inches taller.

The original Bus was about as long as a 2019 Beetle and slightly narrower, this is a sizable increase. The coefficient of drag is just 0.29 which is very good for a vehicle of this shape.

Dual power-sliding rear doors with Easy Open and Close provide excellent access to the third row and are replete with a modern take on the classic sliding windows—also fully powered. The Buzz also features standard power-folding and heated side mirrors, plus a standard power tailgate with Easy Open and Close. This feature allows owners to approach the vehicle with keys in a pocket or purse, and kick a foot under the rear bumper to either open or close the tailgate as needed. Proximity unlocking and keyless entry with illuminated door handles on the front make ingress easy. On the D-pillar, air “vents” recall the original Bus’s rear-engine cooling slots. The aerodynamically optimized 20-inch wheels are a full four inches larger in diameter than the original T2 models.

Volkswagen ID. Buzz


The ID. Buzz looks great on the inside, it is more luxurious than you expect and everything smells like new and modern tech.  Its removable center console includes flexible storage on top, with two unique dividers that double as a bottle opener and ice scraper, as well as two additional compartments below.

The new Buzz is very colorful and three attractive interior colors and trim choices are available.

A dark brown and black combination includes dark brown leatherette seats with white piping, blue door inserts, and a dark wood-look dash, paired with black headliner and décor pieces. A light grey and clay combination pairs light grey leatherette seats with clay-colored piping, clay door inserts, a light wood-look dash, and light grey décor pieces.

The final color combination gives a balanced modern look with light brown leatherette seats with yellow piping, light grey door inserts, and a washed wood-look dash, paired with black, this was my favorite color combination that gives you a natural organic feel on the inside.

Flashy ambient lighting with 30 colors is standard on the new ID. Buzz and it allows drivers to select different settings from five preset moods, or choose to different areas individually.

The wide-open greenhouse inside the ID. Buzz can add a panoramic glass sunroof with electrochromic tinting, which changes from clear to opaque with the swipe of a finger.

This sunroof is 67.4 inches long and 40.8 inches wide, making this the largest of any in the Volkswagen Group.

The roof works through a PDLC (polymer-dispersed liquid crystal) layer integrated into the glass. Current is applied to the crystals in this layer to create transparency, with opacity happening when the PDLC layer is de-energized. Additional coating in the glass helps to reflect sunlight to help reduce the heat that could enter the vehicle.

Comfort reigns supreme in the ID. Buzz. The high seating position gives drivers supreme visibility. In addition to warm-looking full perforated leatherette seating, all the new Buzz models are equipped with standard 12-way power driver and passenger seats with dual armrests, ventilation, massage, and memory functions; front seats and outboard second-row seats are heated. Standard Climatronic automatic climate control keeps the cabin comfortable no matter the season, and all three rows have dedicated air vents. Second- and third-row windows are tinted for privacy, helping to maintain the interior temperature. The second-row seats can be folded down in a 60:40 split and the seat backs can be raked by 16 degrees. In addition, the bench can be moved fore and aft by up to 7.9 inches, and it can be moved forward by 4 inches at the touch of a handle to allow for better third-row egress.

The standard heated steering wheel keeps drivers warm along with the heated windshield washer nozzles that are standard. A heated windshield is available. Seating for seven is standard, and captain’s chairs are available but reducing seating to six. The second and third rows fold flat, and the third row can be removed entirely.

The optional available Flexboard, with two fabric storage bins, creates a flat floor with the seats folded.

The available optional Harman Kardon premium audio system with 14 speakers is very well distributed; however, nine speakers are standard included.

Volkswagen ID. Buzz

Modern technology in the ID. Buzz

Volkswagen is offering very generous standard features and optional features to ensure the success of the new ID Buzz.  Modern technology in the ID. Buzz offers a fully connected experience. In the cockpit, drivers are presented with two screens: the 5.3-inch ID. The cockpit, The Buzz makes it easier than ever to connect compatible devices with standard wireless App- Connect, wireless charging, plus eight USB-C ports throughout the vehicle, a 110V outlet under the passenger seat, and 12-volt charging in the cargo area.

The infotainment system has been upgraded in line with the upcoming ID.7 sedan. The touch sliders for volume and temperature have been illuminated.  The infotainment screen now has the climate functions integrated into the bottom of the display, allowing immediate access to these functions.

The main menu and the Car Control Center can be opened at any time without having to exit the active app. This significantly simplifies operations. The new home screen in the middle combines the content of the most important apps on tiles of different sizes.

The Buzz comes with the ID. Light system, a light strip that runs below the windshield and provides the driver with intuitive support. It uses various light pulses to signal status such as readiness to drive, turn instructions from the navigation system, brake prompts from driver-assistance systems, and incoming phone calls. When using voice commands, it signals that it is listening, similar to voice activation on mobile phones or virtual assistants.

When the ID. Buzz is plugged in to charge, the ID. Light indicates the current level of charge.

The modern IQ.DRIVE driver assistance technology, featuring hands-on Level 2 ready capability, is standard in the ID. Buzz. On the highway, IQ.DRIVE features lane centering and a capacitive steering wheel to help make driving easier. Around town, IQ.DRIVE helps alert you to obstacles in front of you, and keeps an eye around you to help make driving safer. Dynamic Road Sign Display is standard as well, and a head-up display, Park Assist with remote parking, and Area View are available features.

Volkswagen ID. Buzz and Microbus

The New Three-Row ID. Buzz is the 20-Years-Later Reinvention of the Microbus Volkswagen

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